Artist of the moment…….William Aiken Walker


William Aiken Walker was an American painter renown for his images of the south that featured cotton pickers. William Aiken Walker was born in Charleston, North Carolina in the year 1838. His father was very successful cotton agent.

The artist worked on surfaces he cut and prepared himself. Walker favored a long and narrow board that he felt was suitable for the southern landscape images he was painting.

Below a wonderful montage of works by William Aiken Walker with the music of New Orleans Street Artist Snooks Eaglin:

I enjoy the work of this artist. William Aiken Walker had so many things going on in his typical paintings of the South. A dog lying or playing with something, chickens running around in the yard, usually multiple figures, laundry on the clothesline, plus a well painted house or barn. Other artists back in the day who painted similar images would be Robert Gwathmey.

William Walker made his first painting at the age of 12 years old.

Another very interesting fact is that William Aiken Walker served in the Confederate Army. The artist was injured badly but stayed in the military and worked as an artist.

In this clip we view an appraisal about a work of William Walker from the Antiques Roadshow:

Another Antiques Roadshow appearance with a work that was saved from a pile of trash!:

The artist studied painting in Dusseldorf, Germany.

William Aiken Walker passed away in 1921.

Price range information: Walker worked mainly in oils but also worked in ink and watercolor. His works are smaller in nature so they could easily be transported. Walker was very prolific and prices range from $10,000 to $20,000.

What a fascinating life Walker led.




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