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Artist of the moment……Woody Gwyn


Woody Gwyn is an American painter renown for his panoramic landscape works. Woody Gwyn was born in San Antonio, Texas in the year 1944. Gwyn attended college at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts located in Philadelphia.

From the Denver Art Museum, Woody Gwyn talks about what he hopes viewers achieve when looking at his artwork:

From the fantastic Public Television of New Mexico we view the artist at work on some landscape paintings. This clip is only 3 years old so it gives an up to date look at his style of painting:

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Below a link to the website of Woody Gwyn:

The artist has a wonderful sense of design for depicting the vastness of space found in his art. In a museum a person is generally attracted to realism piece when its recognizable from across the room. Gwyn’s panoramic paintings of highways and the ocean make the viewer feel as if they are on the location themselves.

Having seen the work of this artist in person two other artists who show a great talent for depicting vastness of space are Rackstraw Downes and Keith Jacobshagen.



Artist of the moment……….McCauley Conner



McCauley (Mac) Conner was born in 1913. Conner was among the finest illustrators of the Golden Age of Illustration and a heavy influence on the artist was painter Norman Rockwell.

Conner flourished from the 1940s to the 1960s working for such magazines as Redbook and Women’s Day and large companies including Bell Telephone, United Airlines, and the Saturday Evening Post.

This artist works reminds me deeply of the popular television show Mad Men. I enjoy his sense of realism because his work includes many large flat shapes. For instance a drape isn’t painted with lights and darks, we only see the silhouette in a very light tone.

A very large retrospective was held celebrating the artists 100 birthday in 2013. Conner was thrilled with the show which included nearly 70 works by the artist. In this clip we view an excerpt from the show which took place at the Museum of the City of New York:

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The artist worked mainly with gouache and watercolor.

What a great artist and person. I bet his favorite television show is Mad Men. Glad to see another artist celebrating one hundred years on planet earth.