Artist of the moment…….Mimi Chen Ting


Mimi Chen Ting is a wonderful abstract artist. Mimi Chen Ting was born in Shanghai, China in the year 1946.

The artist attended college in the U.S. earning  B.F.A. from San Jose State located in San Jose, Calfornia. Chen Ting went on to earn a M.F.A. from California State University.


In this brief clip we view some more works by Mimi Chen Ting. Its great to see them on the walls so that the viewer can picture the vast size of her works:

The artist has studios in California and New Mexico.

In this clip we visit a group show with Mimi Chen Ting’s work appearing at 40 seconds into the clip:

What I enjoy most about this artist can be found in her artistic statement. To quote her ” When I enter the studio I am the child delighting in endless possibilities.” What a great outlook at attitude to have about creating.

Below a link to the website of Mimi Chen Ting:

Price range information: Sorry none available.



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