Artist of the moment…….Joanna Pousette- Dart



Joanna Pousette- Dart is the daughter of renown French abstract painter R. Dart. Joanna Pousette- Dart is also an abstract painter who was born in New York in the year 1947. She often works trying to portray motion through space.

Pousette- Dart attended Bennington College located in Bennington, Vermont.

In this clip we visit a show from 2007 featuring Joanna Pousette- Dart with James Kalm:

The artist has taught at many colleges including Hunter College and Yale University.

Pousette- Dart is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and also awards and grants from the National Endowment of the Arts.

The artist is part of many museum collections including the Brooklyn Museum and Museum of Modern Art located in New York City.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the many imaginative shapes employed by Joanna Pousette- Dart. Some works at first glance remind me of First Nations artists because of the shapes and color used by the artist.



  1. nannus Said:

    Some of her shapes resemble those of north-west-coast art. I wonder if that is a coincidence or there is an actual influence.

    • diattaart1 Said:

      As I wrote in the closing comments I also noticed some similarities with Joanna Pousette- Dart and the Northwest Coast artists depiction of birds. The interesting thing about Joanna Pousette- Dart is that since 1949 she has been mainly based out of France. Unlike us modern artists who have infinite amount of visual aids and resources via the internet.

      In my own experience I had a healthy respect for the Northwest Coast artists and this was reinforced even further when I saw the work in person.

      So I couldn’t find a direct connection of First Nations Art and Pousette- Dart but I am glad we both thought she may have been influenced by them.


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