Artist of the moment…….Alvin Hollingsworth




Alvin Hollingsworth was an African American artist who was renown for being among the first minority comic book artists. Alvin Hollingsworth was born in Harlem, New York in the year 1928. The artist began drawing at age 4. When he was twelve he was named to an art assistant post for Cat-Man comics.

In this clip we view a work of Hollingsworth that went to auction in 2013:

Over his comic career the artist also worked for other companies depicting superheroes and even romantic comics.

The artist also worked as a teacher for the High School of Art and Design located in Manhattan, New York. Hollingsworth also taught at the City University of New York.

After deciding to take up painting Hollingsworth painted the figure and also abstract works. He often included themes of women’s and minority rights in his figure works.

Alvin Hollingsworth passed away in 2000.

Unlike many comic artists Hollingsworth even inked his own work.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

It seems this artist was somewhat of a prodigy being a paid artist at 12 years of age!  Other artists who worked with comic books before working as painters include Everett Raymond Kinstler and William Wray.





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