Artist of the moment………Basketmaker Dat-So-La-Lee


Dat-So-La-Lee who was also known as Louise Keyser, was renown as the Queen of the Washoe basket weavers. Dat-So-La-Lee was born around the year 1829. She represents the Washoe people that lived in the northwest area of Nevada.

The artist was working as a maid and her employers saw her great skill. Her employers saw her baskets and made distinct recordings and produced a provenance for each of her works. Dat-So-La-Lee was able make a great living by selling her baskets at her employers trading store. With such documented provenance, a Dat-So-La-Lee basket is highly sought after by collectors.

The artist worked mainly with willow in producing her baskets.

Dat-So-La-Lee passed away in 1925.

In this clip some more works by Dat-So-La-Lee and a brief bio:

price range information: Sorry none available.

What a wonderful artist! She created wonderful abstract designs on her baskets.




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