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Artist of the moment………Valerie Shesko


Valerie Shesko is a fantastic artist renown for her abstract visions of the landscape. Shesko attended Connecticut State University and also the University of Cincinnati.

The artist used to be an editor for the Artist’s magazine.

Shesko was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has been fascinated by the landscape and in particular mountains since being a young child.

The artist works in many mediums and enjoys experimenting with new techniques and applications of paint. She works in watercolor, oils, acrylics, and egg tempera. She enjoys working with new mediums to her work a refreshing experience.

Shesko is now based out of Ohio.

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I enjoy the creativity and mediums used by the artist. In the first painting of the gallery Shesko used a tissue paper to form her canyon and mountains.


Artist of the moment………Basketmaker Dat-So-La-Lee


Dat-So-La-Lee who was also known as Louise Keyser, was renown as the Queen of the Washoe basket weavers. Dat-So-La-Lee was born around the year 1829. She represents the Washoe people that lived in the northwest area of Nevada.

The artist was working as a maid and her employers saw her great skill. Her employers saw her baskets and made distinct recordings and produced a provenance for each of her works. Dat-So-La-Lee was able make a great living by selling her baskets at her employers trading store. With such documented provenance, a Dat-So-La-Lee basket is highly sought after by collectors.

The artist worked mainly with willow in producing her baskets.

Dat-So-La-Lee passed away in 1925.

In this clip some more works by Dat-So-La-Lee and a brief bio:

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What a wonderful artist! She created wonderful abstract designs on her baskets.