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Artists of the moment………Robert Kussy and Goota Ashoona


Robert Kussy is based out of Yellowknife, Canada and shares a studio with his artist wife named Goota Ashoona. Robert Kussy was born in

Kussy often works with whalebone and soapstone. Kussy also works as a restorer of Inuit Art.

In this clip we visit the studio of the husband and wife team:

The artist enjoys his community and organized the first soccer tournament for the children of the Arctic. Bob is renown for his great intellect and insight about the history and preservation of the Inuit culture.

The studio he shares with his wife and children draws around 1,000 visitors per year. The public enjoys visiting an arctic art studio.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Goota Ashoona is the wife of Bob Kussy. Goota Ashoona is a third generation Inuit artist following in the footsteps of her mother Kiawa Ashoona and her grandfather Pitseolak Ashoona. Ashoona is a sculptor and printmaker.

Goota Ashoona was born in Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1967.

The artist is also a professional Inuit throat singer.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a great husband and wife team!




Artist of the moment………Andre Derain



Andre Derain was a Fauvist and Impressionist sculptor and painter who painted figures and the landscape. Andre Derain was born in Chateau, Yvelines, Ile-de-France in the year 1880.

For his collegiate education Derain first studied to be an engineer at Academy Camillo and studied art the Academy Julian.

He met Matisse whilst taking painting classes and the two became lifelong friends who went on to found the Fauvist movement.

Derain was a featured artist in the famed Armory Show of 1913. The first time modernist European works were shown in the United States.

Andre Derain was killed after being hit by an automobile in 1954 at the age of 74 years old.

In this clip we view a montage of works by Andre Derain:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. Derain was an avid printmaker.

What a great use of color! I can’t wait to see this artist’s work in person later this month!