Artist of the moment…………Allan Houser



Allan Houser also known as Allan Haozous was perhaps the most renown Apache Indian artists. Allan Houser was born close to Apache, Oklahoma in the year 1914.   The artist was a painter, sculptor, illustrator, and enjoyed his native culture immensely as he enjoyed dancing and mask making.

The artist studied with privately with artist Dorothy Dunn and also attended the Sante Fe Indian School.

Houser was a Chiricahua Apache Indian. His father was the grand-nephew of the Native American leader Geronimo. After he and his people gave up and went to prison Allan Houser was the first child born outside of the prison area. Allan Houser’s father was the translator for Geronimo. As an illustrator of children’s books Houser wrote and illustrated a book on his relative and great uncle Geronimo.

He began his wonderful art career as a mural painter.

Houser was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.


In this clip a short documentary on the artist from Public Service Television of Sante Fe, New Mexico. Brief segments are shown with the artist, his wife, and other families. A short interview with the artist two years before his death:

Allan Houser was a mentor to the artist of the previous post, Larry Ahvakana.

Allan Houser passed away in 1994 at the age of 80.

The artist loved to draw and began his sculpture works with many prep studies. He left behind more than 6,000 drawings for us to enjoy.

Price range information: Drawings can be found at $5,000 up to original sculptures which can bring in $50,000.

To close we view a memoriam for Allan Houser’s 100th birthday from earlier in 2014:


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