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Artist of the moment………John Alvin



John Alvin was a painter who loved movies and spent his career making wonderful movie posters and character design for companies including Disney. John Alvin was born Hyannis, Massachusetts in the year 1948.

The artist grew up around the world as his parents were in the military, but the family settled in California. Alvin attended the Art Center College of Design located in Los Angeles, California.

Alvin’s posters were admired by people in and out of the industry because his posters provided inspiration to the viewer that a great movie was waiting to be seen.

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John Alvin passed away in 20008 at the age of 59.


In this clip a great interview with John Alvin talking about inspiration and his growth as an artist. His first major poster was the great spaghetti western “Blazing Saddles.”

Another of the artist’s best work were his posters for the movie E.T.