Artist of the moment………..Emory Douglas



Emory Douglas was a wonderful African-American artist who worked tirelessly for civil rights and also served at a high level in the political organization known as the black panthers.

Emory Douglas was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the year 1943. Douglas attended the San Francisco City College of Art where he studied graphic’s design.

Douglas served as the art director for a now extinct newspaper called the “Black Panther Newspaper.” that served to inform African American’s of their rights. Through the paper Douglas created many images that people linked with freedom and black pride.

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Here we visit the studio of Emory Douglas:

In this clip we view an exhibition of works by Emory Douglas that went on display in the United Kingdom:

Douglas is now based out of San Francisco, California.

I enjoy artists who work for results and this artist reminds me of other “poster artists” like Rupert Garcia or Elizabeth Catlett. Douglas has created works that also bring to light the current struggle for African Americans like the deceased Treyvon Martin.




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