Artist of the moment…….Chang Yu Sanyu



Chang Yu Sanyu was a Chinese painter and printmaker born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China in the year 1901. His family was well respected and wealthy, the family owned and ran a silk weaving mills. The artist was home schooled by the best teachers and his father spared no expense in art lessons. His father was a respected artist who enjoyed painting animals.

Sanyu was renown for his modernist depictions of the nude and for his floral works.

China was in the midst of a government revolution in 1911 and Sanyu decided to relocate to France. Some of his classmates found Paris very expensive so his classmates moved to Berlin, Germany. Sanyu also would relocate to Berlin to be with his friends, but would return to Paris in a few short years. Whilst in Paris Sanyu attended the Academy de la Grand Chaumiere.

Sanyu spent most of his life in Europe and enjoyed moderate success as a painter and printmaker.

Chang Yu Sanyu passed away in 166.

Price range information: Works in pencil can be found starting at $10,000. Large works in oils or ink can reach 10 million dollars.




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