Artist of the moment…….Anne Faust


Anne Faust is wonderful artist renown for her prints featuring birds. Her preferred type of print is the serigraph. Faust attended Boston University School for the Fine Arts.

Faust was born in the year 1936.

The artist is married to a photographer who specializes in birds.

In this clip we view the printmaking process of Anne Faust:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist not only paints and creates wonderful images of birds, her backgrounds are wonderful mix of realism and abstract shapes. The artist makes wonderful patterns using leaves and water to add wonderful shapes to her compositions. My favorite artist who found patterns in the landscape and also in the sky and cloud patterns, was the master painter of animals, Bob Kuhn.

Kuhn found great organic shapes in ice patterns when painting polar bears or leaves and grass when painting the animals of Africa. Kuhn’s work is a marvel to behold because of his use of pencil and acrylics.


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