Artist of the moment………Tamami Shima


Tamami Shima was a fantastic Japanese artist born in Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, Japan  in the year 1937. Tamami Shima worked with woodblock prints and is renown for her majestic landscapes and also her still life works. Her still life works are my favorite as they show the view as if you are looking down upon the object.


The lines in her depictions of vases and vessels are very modern, clean, and elegant. The artist also had a wonderful mix of realism and abstraction in her landscapes, Shima used the silhouette of the bird to create a wonderful mix of shapes and movement.

Shima attended the Women’s College of Fine Arts located in Tokyo, Japan.

Tamami Shima passed away in 1999.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another great idea the artist had was to use the pattern of the wood grain as an abstract background for her artwork that used birds as a subject.


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