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Artist of the moment……..Lindsay Goodwin



Lindsay Goodwin is an American painter renown for her paintings of interiors and landscapes. Lindsay Goodwin attended the Academy of Art located in San Francisco, California. She was selected among the top 15 artists in her class.

Her move into the international art world came years later whilst living in France. It was here she learned the skill necessary to depict her fancy and dramatically light filled interior scenes.

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A link to the artist’s homepage:

The artist has been included in many prestigious shows including the California Art Club. In addition she has appeared in numerous international art publications including American Art Collector.

I enjoy her paintings of the interior because she puts so much detail and information into her work. Many works are small, but with a wonderful sense of design and light and dark.

To close we catch a glimpse of the wonderful California Art Club Gold Medal Ceremony. Many nationally renown artists are featured including Alexey Steele and Karl Dempwolf. Goodwin is shown at the 38 second mark:





Artist of the moment…….Tony Robbin


Tony Robbin was born in Washington, D.C,. in the year 1943 and is renown for being part of he Pattern and Decoration Movement of painters that existed in the 1970s.

Robbin’s is a painter and sculptor. The artist is also an author.

Robbin was one of the first artists to include using the computer in producing artwork. He;  produced computer programs to help with basic geometric shapes and rotating them.

In this clip we view an android app that was developed by Tony Robbin that is similar to his computer programs that take a geometric shape such as a cube, and turn in into four dimensions.

In this clip Robbin talks about creating shapes in four dimensions and how his paintings represent this idea:

The artist works with acrylics on canvas. When seen up close his work reminds me of looking at an image of outer space. We see he has many varieties of color and also applications of paint.

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Below a link to the website of artist Tony Robbin. Don’t confuse this artist with inspirational and motivational speaker Tony Robbins!: