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Artist of the moment……..Claude Gilli


Claude Gilli is a wonderful artist from France renowned for using snails as his painting assistants. Gilli works a painter, printmaker, collage artist,  and sculptor using wood as his medium of choice.

Gilli is associated with the Pop Art movement. With his prints he depicted some well known vacation areas of France including locations on the French Riviera.


In this clip we check out Gilli working with his beloved snails!:

In this clip we check out some of the artist’s lithography prints:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I love the Pop Art style and the use of color by Gilli. His work, especially with the female figure, reminds of American artist Tom Wesselmann.


Artist of the moment………Ceramic artist Marilyn Levine


Marilyn Levine is a fantastic artistic who works with ceramics in a hyper realist style. Marilyn Levine was born in Alberta, Canada in the year 1935.

Levine depicts such soft subjects as socks but her style works best with old worn items including leather jackets and suitcases.

Levine attended college the University of Regina and the University of Alberta. She studied at the University of California at Berkeley. Levine is certainly of the smartest artists profiled here! She earned a bachelors and masters degree in chemistry before studying art and sculpture in the United States.

A link to the website of Marilyn Levine:

The artist also taught at the collegiate level in both the United States and Canada.

Marilyn Levine passed away in 2005.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What wonderful texture the artist was able to achieve in depicting items made with leather.