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Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Aryz


Aryz is a fantastic illustrator and street artist born in Barcelona,  Spain. Aryz works with the figure and a grey and faded palette.

In this clip some very large murals painted by Aryz. The artist is capable of working on a very large scale:

To create his very large murals the artist uses a mix of spray paint and also applies paint with rollers.

He enjoys painting in abandoned factories because he is left alone and no one interrupts him.

Aryz is a highly successful commercial artist and also a printmaker.

In this clip we view a time lapse of Aryz at work on mural:

A link to the website of Aryz:

price range information: Prints can be found starting at $400.

In this clip we view the first show for Aryz that took place in the United States:

Aryz is a highly gifted artist who does a great job at portraying emotions in his characters. Its amazing how large some of his murals are.


Artist of the moment…..Sheojuk Etidlooie



Sheojuk Etidlooie was an Inuit artist renown for images of birds and owls in particular.  Etidlooie was born around 1929.

The artist grew up in Baffin Island.

Etidlooie passed away in 1999.

She spent much of her life based out of Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada.

price range information: Prints range from $500 to $5,000.

Etidlooie was the sister of another Inuit artist already profiled here, Meelia Kelly.

Its great to see two sisters who were professional artists, and compare their styles of creating.