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Artist of the moment………Mel Bochner


Mel Bochner was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the year 1940. Bochner is renown for his works which focus on text and color. Earlier in his career the artist worked with measurements as his subject of choice.

In this clip we view a wonderful show featuring the work of Mel Bochner:

Bochner attended Carnegie Mellon University located in Pittsburgh. This is the school that also gave us the great Andy Warhol. Bochner shared a teacher that also mentored Warhol named Joseph Fitzpatrick.

Bochner is a prolific printmaker who has been working with the medium since the 1970s.

The artist is based out of New York City.

Here we Mel Bochner at work via time lapse on one of his signature works:

price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000. Bochner works in many mediums including silk screens, woodcuts, oils, pastels, charcoal, and acrylics.

Other artists featured here that work with typography and text include Stephen Powers and Robert Cottingham.