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Artist of the moment……….Poteet Victory


Poteet Victory was born in Idabel, Oklahoma in the year 1947. Victory is renown for his very large sized paintings which are abstract but often represent real ideas and images.

His grandmother pushed him towards developing his artistic talents. When he was nearly a teenager he worked as a model for local artist Harold Stevenson. Stevenson needed a model that could handle a horse indoors. Poteet Victory grew up on a working ranch and was excellent and riding horses from a very young age.

Victory even participated in rodeos when he was a teenager. The artist rode bulls and horses.

In this clip an awesome interview with Poteet Victory. The artist talks about inspiration and how he came up with his own abstract versions of celebrities including John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Willie Nelson:

Victory attended Oklahoma State University and after college moved to Hawaii where he started a t shirt company. He would eventually move back to the mainland United States and run a silk screen business out of Dallas, Texas. He would sell the business and move to New York City and enroll in the famed Art Student’s League. He even met Andy Warhol and the two shared their ideas on silk screen printing.

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What a wonderful style! Its also a great idea to have abstract symbols represent people. Very unique!