Artist of the moment…….Motosugu Sugiyama…


Motosugu Sugiyama was a wonderful artist and businessman born in Japan in the year 1925. His is renown for his depictions of landscapes and harbors.

The artist married and settled down in Tokyo, Japan. His chosen career at the time was as a businessman.

Years later at the age of 50 he began taking woodblock print lessons and studied with master printmaker Funasaka Yoshisuke.

He became a full time professional artist at the age of 70!

Price range information: Sorry none available. The artist worked in small print edition sizes of 50 to 100 prints.

What wonderful design and color from this artist. If you are looking for a painting or print that will go up in value, Sugiyama does not yet receive the recognition or reputation of his peer group, who were artists for their entire lives rather than just the latter stages of their lives.




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