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Artist of the moment…….Street Artist C.A.L.M.A.


C.A.L.M.A.  is  a street artist who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the year 1977. His style is a mixture of fun stylized characters that have religious and cultural symbols and text included. His works always seem to be infused with many ideas and meanings. His father was a minister, and this had a large influence on his artwork.

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The artist government name is Stephan Doitschinoff.

In this clip we view a show featuring the work of C.A.L.M.A.:

Here we view a great interview with C.A.L.M.A. The artist talks about working in public spaces and some murals he did for a church. It was very touching for the artist to view someone praying in front of his artwork, though he himself refers to himself as a non believer:

What a great artist and a style that is great for street art as well as illustration. Its just great art!