Artist of the moment……..Kim Whanki

Kim Whanki was among the first modernist and abstract painters of South Korea. Kim Whanki was born on a small island called Anjwado, South Korea in the year 1913. He worked in both realism and abstract styles. A favorite subject matter were ancient Chinese vases.

His father was a wealthy land owner and farmer. Kim was one of four children, but the only male child.

During the Korean War, Kim Whan Ki lived in a refugee camp for three years.

The artist also a college professor and eventually became president at Hongjik Art University located in Seoul.

Kim Whanki passed away in 1974.

Here we view a great selection of works  by Kim Whan Ki. The artist had a great sense of color but often portrayed subjects as flat objects on work, very similar to the Cubist movement:

A museum for Kim Whan Ki was opened in Seoul, South Korea in the year 1992.

price range information: Sorry none available.


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