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Artist of the moment………Chana Orloff


Chana Orloff was born in the Ukraine in the year 1888. Orloff was a sculptor who worked with the figure in with a modernist style.

Chana Orloff attended school in Paris, France.

Her private life had some unfortunate incidents. She married a writer and the couple had a son. Her first husband passed away after the influenza epidemic. Later when the Nazi’s invaded her country, she fled to Switzerland. This time the fellow she left with, artist Georges Kars, killed himself. When she returned home she found her studio and most of the work in it had been looted.

Chana Orloff passed away in 1965.

price range information: The artist occasionally worked in oils, and these paintings can start around $5,000. Sculptures can bring as much as $400,000.

Orloff completed works of many high ranking Israeli politicians.


In this clip some great works by Chana Orloff:


Artist of the moment……..David Burnham Smith


David Burnham Smith is a self taught artist from the United Kingdom who is renown for his work with ceramics.

David B. Smith is self taught as an artist.

The artist was injured as a young man on a motorcycle. This caused him to remain still and as a result he learned to draw and practiced daily. His hospital stay lasted nearly two years. During this time another artist ended up giving him lessons whilst he was in hospital, the artist name was Erian Slack.

After he left the hospital Smith was a studio assistant for Slack. After this period of time Smith was able to find full time work as a graphics designer.

Smith started off as a collector of fine china. What he bought was usually damaged, but it was what he could afford. Smith researched his subject and eventually made his own pottery restoration studio in his own house.

Price range information: Sorry none available.