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Artist of the moment……..Harry Clarke


Harry Clarke was one of the foremost illustrators of England’s Golden Age. Harry Clarke was born in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1889 his father was an artist and enjoyed working with crafts. In addition to painting and drawing, Clarke was one of the best artists working with stained glass. He and his brother ran his father’s studio after his dad passed away.

Clarke attended Belvedere College and the Dublin School of Art where he mastered the art of working with stained glass.

One important commission that brought much fame to Clarke, were the illustrations of Edgar Allen Poe’s book “The Tales of Mystery and Imagination.”

The artist also produced great work for Jamison’s Irish Whiskey.

Here we view some of the great prints and illustrations  of Harry Clarke:

A short bio featuring stained glass works by Harry Clarke. The intro shows a few works, but most works are shown at 2:30 into the clip. You may want to skip ahead to that point!:

Sadly both brothers suffered from health problems most of their lives. Their problems could have been caused by the many chemicals they worked with whilst producing their stained glass works. Both brothers would pass away within one year of each other.

Clarke is associated with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.

Harry Clarke passed away in 1931.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $250,00o. Clarke worked in oils, watercolors, pen and ink, and gouache.

Another great artist who was not only a stained glass master artist but a master painter and draftsman was the artist John Lafarge. Lafarge and Clarke are my favorite stained glass artists(so far!)