Artist of the moment………Street Artist Slinkachu

Slinkachu is a wonderful street artists renown for his miniature size installations. Slinkachu uses characters found with model railroad train sets as his subject matter.

Slinkachu works with a very humorous twist in most of his works.

The artist is also a great photographer, a key aspect in his art.

A link to the website of Slinkachu:

In this clip a brief interview with Slinkachu. Many works are shown.

price range information: Slinkachu has three books of his work available on No pricing available for limited edition photographs of his art.

What a great concept! Make sure you don’t walk to fast through the streets of London, England or you may miss some art! Keep looking up and down. Think Banksy and Slinkachu! Slinkachu is one of the funniest artists ever profiled here!


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