Artist of the moment……Magdalena Abakanowicz

Magdalena Abakanowicz is a sculptor using a modernist style. Magdalena Abakanowicz was born in Falenty, Poland in the year 1930. The artist is renown for her work with the figure. Her family was quite well off financially, they were land owners. But during her childhood years the family struggled as their home country of Poland was taken over by Germany. The family was also part of the nobility in Poland.

When the German Nazis were in control, the only type of art that was acceptable was the style of “social realism.” Abakanowicz disliked the tight and rigid way of seeing the Warsaw Academy taught. The artist liked to produce work that was looser with more emotion.

Abakanowicz works often works with soft materials in her sculpture work, often using fiber materials in her work.

In this clip we view an exhibition by Magdalena Abakanowicz that took place in 2012:

Abakanowicz attended the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art. The artist honed her skills as a painter and draftsman, but also studied other forms of art including many lessons in graphic design, weaving, and how to use the silkscreen.

The name for the figure’s made by the artist is Abakans. These forms are made of rope that is twisted and tied to get the end result of figure, most times without a head. These works are the same size as public sculptures with some reaching as high as 13 feet!

Price range information: Works in ink and graphite can be found at $5,000. Other works including large works using textiles or bronze works can reach one half million dollars.

What a remarkable artist. Its great that the artist studied many mediums of art in college, and continues to use and work with these materials to this day. Her growth as an artist will never stop!


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