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Artist of the moment…….Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell was born to an upper class family in the year 1879, her father being Sir Leslie Stephen. The family lived in an expensive part of Westminster, London. Stephen was a person who loved exercise and built a reputation for climbing and hiking as many trails as he could.

In this clip we view some works of Vanessa Bell whilst listening to some piano jazz:

Bell married the art critic, Clive Bell. The couple had an extremely open marriage, they could each have other partners.

Bell had a sibling sister who enjoyed a career as a writer named hat was quite famous at one point,

Vanesasa Bell passed away ikn 1961 at the age of 81.

price range information: Bell worked as a painter and master printmaker with prices ranging from $20,000 to $175.000.


Artist of the moment…….Water Poon

Water Poon is a fantastic painter who is inspired by the classical Chinese gardens located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Water Poon was born in Guangdong, China in the year 1944. For his collegiate education Poon attended Hong Kong Polytechnic College. The artist studied graphics design. Poon works as a photographer and film maker in addition to being a painter.

Poon is a past winner of Hong Kong’s Artist of the Year award.

In this clip the artist talks about the gardens that inspire him. We even get to view the artist painting!:

In this clip we view Water Poon’s famous series of the Lotus flower:

price range information: Sorry none available.

As flowers are my favorite subject to paint, I enjoy Poon’s paintings of the Lotus flower. Very simple and elegant colour and shapes.


Artist of the moment……….John Opper

John Opper was an American painter associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement. John Opper was born in the year 1908.

For his artistic education Opper attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Chicago Academy of Art. Whilst in school and at the beginning years of his career Opper worked in a realist style. Opper began working in an abstract style after studying with famed painter Hans Hoffmann.

The artist was the recipient of many fellowships and grants including the National Endowment for the Arts and a Guggenheim fellowship.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Opper was a long tenured professor at New York University.

John Opper passed away in 1964.

I enjoy Opper’s work with the vertical stripes the best! Opper thought that the 1930s was a great time for American art. With programs like the Works Progress Administration it made other artists get together and the whole artistic community was buzzing.