Artist of the moment……..Acee Blue Eagle

Acee Blue Eagle was a very talented Native American artist born in 1909 in the area of Anadarko, Oklahoman.Acee Blue Eagle was associated with the Muscogee-Creek-Pawnee-Indian. For his artistic education Blue Eagle attended Bacone College located in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The artist was a participant in the Federal Arts Program working as a mural painter. In addition he went to Europe and to the famed Oxford College of England to give guest lectures on Native American Art.

In this clip a short documentary on Acee Blue Eagle on what would have been his 104th birthday!:

Acee Blue Eagle served in the United States Army Air Corp during World War 2.

Acee Blue Eagle passed away in 1959. at the age of 51 years of age.

Price range information: Sorry none available. Blue Eagle worked with gouache and casein.

What I enjoy most about this artist is his use of line. R.C. Gorman’s work’s are similar to this artist, but for me Blue Eagle had superior drafting skills. What I enjoy is that he gives life to everything, especially the plants. Plants are made with wonderful repeating patters of circles and leaves that appear to be blowing in the wind.


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