Artist of the moment………Ida O’Keeffe

Ida O’Keeffe was an American painter who was o+ften overlooked by her more famous sister, Georgia O’Keeffe. Ida O’Keeffe born in the year 1889. Ida spent much of her childhood living in Wisconsin.

For her artistic education Ida O’Keeffe attended Columbia University located in New York.

Ida O’Keeffe passed away in 1961. Georgia O’Keeffe said she lived a wasted life.

It is said that Alfred Steiglitz was infatuated with Ida. Steiglitz took many pictures of Ida and these fetch far more than her works at auction.

Price range information: Works occasionally come on the market but not enough work to make a consistent price schedule.

Hopefully as the years go by we will learn more about this fascinating sibling rivalry!



  1. Wow, another O’Keeffe!

    • diattaart1 Said:

      Its interesting to see how close the artist’s work resembles Georgia O’Keeffe. It made me think of the many artist families profiled here and if they also had a sibling rivalry. Also interesting is that Alfred Steiglitz, the husband of Georgia O’Keeffe would often mention how beautiful Ida O’Keeffe was and even took many photographs of her. This also must have led to some jealously on the part of Georgia O’Keeffe.


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