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Artist of the moment…….Bud Latven

Bud Latven creates wonderful abstract works using wood as his medium. Bud Latven was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1949.

The artist moved to New Mexico in the early 1970s and found work making cabinets and furniture. After a brief period of two years working for someone else, Latven went on to open up his own studio. Latven found commercial success selling his furniture.

During the 1980s some experiments led him to try working with the lathe. Latven soon started working in the open vessel and abstract style he is now famous for.

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In this clip we view works using wood by Bud Latven as well as other fascinating artists working with wood:

What a spectacular artist!

Artist of the moment………Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a British artist born in Llandundo, North Wales in the year 1946. Llandundo is in this day still a small city of slightly more than 20,000 people. Ben Johnson paints landscapes in a photorealistic style. In fact Ben Johnson is the only artist to be made an honorary member of the Royal British Society of Architects.

price range information: Sorry none available. The artist is also an avid printmaker.

At the National Gallery fans were allowed to watch the artist at work, here is a clip of the artist painting:

With his photorealist style, Johnson uses as many as eleven assistants to help him finish his large commissioned works. One example of this is a painting that shows the city of Liverpool and hangs in the Liverpool Art Museum. Eleven assistants took nearly 24,000 to complete this painting. His normal year round staff consists of three assistants.

In this clip we have an interview with Ben Johnson explaining his art:

For most of his work Ben Johnson uses acrylic paints.

A link to the website of Ben Johnson. One reason he uses assistants is his use of technology. The website asks you to set your pixel resolution rather high in order to take in all the detail:

Johnson attended the Royal College of Art located in London, England.

Ben Johnson is included in many European collections including the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I enjoy the black and white works the most of the artist. Other artists that have painted many cities in a photorealistic style profiled here included Raphaella Spence and Stephen Wiltshire, a wonderful artist from the U.K. who is also autistic.