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Artist of the moment……James Bearden

James Bearden is an American sculptor who works with metals as his medium in carving the figure. James Bearden was born in Southern United States in the year 1964.

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For his artistic education Bearden attended Grandview College located in Des Moines, Iowa where he studied art and graphic and design.

Bearden worked for many years as an art director before striking out on his own to be an artist.

Bearden is based out of Des Moines, Iowa.
A new movie is being released soon featuring the life of artist James Bearden. In this clip we view the trailer of the Man of Metals:

In this clip we visit the studio of artist James Bearden:

I enjoy looking at abstract sculptures that very loosely resemble something. Bearden’s work is great because it is influenced by the figure, without being stiff and solid. Though he works with metals, the viewer gets the impression that they are very pliable.


Artist of the moment……Street Artist La Mesa

Mesa or La Mesa is a Spanish street artist based out of Barcelona, Spain. Mesa works with portraits and much of his work is in black and white. With his way of capturing the face his art reminds of the street artist renown for his work with photography in black and white, J.R. He works with faces mainly, but also works with birds as a favorite subject.

In this clip many works of Mesa are shown. Here you get a selection of works other than the portraits he is renown for:

No more information on this artist but more street artists coming soon!

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