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Artist of the moment…….Almaric Walter


Almaric Walter was a French artist renowned for his work with glass. Almaric Walter was born in Sevres, France in the year 1870. Walter is associated with both the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements.

In this some works by Almaric Walter are shown. His works start at 30 seconds into the clip:

His first commercial art job was as a decorator of jewelry.

Walter won a prize at the World’s Fair in 1900. This was a huge step in his career. From 1919 until 1935 he operated his own glass studio where he collaborated with many artists.

He quit the company in 1935 and would eventually go blind before passing away in 1959.

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I enjoy his wide variety of subject matter in his works. Very creative!



Artist of the moment…..Curtis Jere


Curtis Jere is the combined name of two artists renowned for their sculptures and wall hangings. One artist’s name was Curtis Freiler and the other was named Jerry Fels.

The company designed works that were produced by Artisan House. The goods are now produced out of China.

The company Artisan House was made to mass produce art quality items for the home in the early 1960s. The company was started by Freiler and Fels as they were brother in laws. The company was sold by the brothers in 1972. Since the company has been sold many times.

The works by C. Jere have become increasingly hot in the vintage collector niche.

What great designs on their wall hangings. I even prefer some of C. Jere’s work to another well known artists who worked in the same genre, Alexander Calder.

Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels have both passed away.

In this clip we take a brief look at some wall hangings by duo:

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In this clip we take a closer look at  wonderful wall hanging by Curtis Jere: