Artist of the moment……Osamu Sugiyama


Osamu Sugiyama is a current Japanese woodblock master artist who studied with famous artist Hiroshi Yoshida. Osamu Sugiyama was born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1946.

Sugiyama studied at the Yoshida Hanga Academy. The School was founded by the Yoshida family of artists to continue the art of Japanese woodblock art.


Sugiyama loves to travel and hiking, the artist has painted many scenes of mountains he has climbed. Hiroshi Yoshida, his teacher, was perhaps the most famous printmaker that worked with mountains as a subject. Each mountain has its own feel, atmosphere, and energy. As you climb the light changes and so does the atmosphere from when you begin on the ground. Sugiyama like his teacher, Hiroshi Yoshida, do a great job of catching the individuality of each peak and mountain.

I love the depth the artist is able to get in his mountain works. A key aspect in his design is the footsteps and trails of previous hikers.

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