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Artist of the moment…….Susan Weil


Susan Weil is perhaps known as the wife of artist Robert Rauschenberg, but Susan Weil is also a wonderful artist herself. Susan Weil was born in the year 1930 in New York City. Susan Weil creates wonderful dimensional works in addition to creating prints and she also produced books of her drawings.

Weil studied at the Academie Julian located in Paris. Weil also studied with the previous post, Morris Kantor at the Art Students League of New York City. Weil also attended Black Mountain College of Art.

It was while attending the Black Mountain College of Art she met and would fall in love with painter Robert Rauschenberg. The couple had one child from this marriage. The couple were married in 1950 and divorced in 1953.

I enjoy her creative use of perspective in her work. She takes a cue from the Cubists in painting or working with the same subject from multiple angles and viewpoints.

In this clip we view a show from 2013:

Weil has been the recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation.

A great interview with Susan Weil here:

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If you enjoy looking at dimension in art, be sure and check out the work of artist Patrick Hughes. Hughes uses forced perspective to get wonderful depth in his work.





Artist of the moment…….Morris Kantor


Morris Kantor was born in Minsk, Russia in the year 1896. His family emigrated to the United States in 1906. Kantor painted in many styles including Futurist, Modernist, and Cubist styles. I enjoy his works most that are portraits done in a manner that is very expressive when it comes to the viewer regarding the emotions of the sitter.

The photograph in the gallery is the artist himself.

For his artistic education Kantor attended the Independent School of Art which was based out of New York City. The school closed down long ago.

Kantor also taught at the Art Student’s League of New York City and Cooper Union College also located in New York City.

Kantor was also involved in the governments WPA program.

Morris Kantor passed away in 1974.

The artist is part of many public and private collections including the Smithsonian.

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This artist I could also classify as a Social Realist painter. Like many artists who worked in the 1920s and 1930s Kantor possessed a great talent for capturing the emotions of people.

Another artist able to capture the gloomy feelings of people was the great Kathe Kolwitz.