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Artist of the moment……Deih


Deih is an illustrator and street artist based out of Spain. The artist works in an illustrative/ comic book style. Many works have to do with space or other worlds besides earth. Deih sometimes depicts figures being torn or taken apart.

No birthdate or much information about this artist yet, but his skill level is amazing! In some works he even creates likenesses of rappers including Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Price range information: sorry none available.



Artist of the moment…….Robert A. Daughters


Robert A. Daughters was a wonderful painter in the style of American Impressionists. Robert Daughters was born in the year 1926. In addition to painting great landscapes of the Southwest, the artist also created portraits and still lifes of the wonderful flowers seen in the area.

After high school the artist spent a tour of duty in the military.  After his tour finished Daughters enrolled at the Kansas City School of Art and Design.

From the 1970s until he passed away Daughters was based out of New Mexico.

Daughters passed away in 2013.

Daughters had a great sense of color. I also enjoy his application of paint because his paintings at a quick glance, look like a great print. This shows a great sense of design and use of light and dark shapes.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000.


Artist of the moment………Shaw-Hwei Dong


Shaw-Hwei Dong is a fantastic painter of plants. Shaw-Hwei Dong was born in China in the year 1962. For her artistic education Dong attended the National Taiwan Normal University where she studied fine art.

Dong uses her own house and plants for her art. What I like most about her work is the fact its simple but she works with the shapes so often she can manipulate them so the work has a lot of motion to it. I also enjoy her perspective, many times she paints looking down on the plant so we just have the plant and a table or carpet.

She reminds of the master still life painter Giorgio Morandi, who made wonderful still life paintings using objects found around his house and studio.

One series well received by the artist dealt with the same plants and flowers, painted at different times of the day.

Price range information: Original works in oils range from $15,000 to $60,000.

Happy Mother’s Day!