Artist of the moment…….Bart Hanna


Bart Hanna is a wonderful Inuit artist from Igloolick, Nunavut Territories, Canada. Bart Hanna was born in the year 1948.

Hanna loves to sculpt and has travelled the world over to Paris, France  and other parts of Europe to see the sculptors like the great Michelangelo and works he had only heard about or seen in very old books. That is why the Internet is so great, now he can see these great artists from the comfort of his own igloo.

Hanna has been featured in art magazines for his very large carvings. Where many Inuit artist work on a small scale which makes their artwork affordable and sometimes illegal to leave the country (if using whalebone or other indigenous animal bones), its not often we see works done on such as large scale. Perhaps an Inukshuk, the Inuit symbol, but not usually an animal or figure carving. For the size of his alone the work of Bart Hanna stands out.

Like many Inuit artists of his generation the artist began carving seriously whilst in hospital recovering from tuberculosis treatment.

Hanna works with the traditional Inuit subjects like the Goddess of the Sea ” Sedna” and dancers.

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $10,000.

In this clip from the Museum of Inuit Art a live Skype interview with artist Bart Hanna:


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