Artist of the moment…..Albert Reverend Wagner


Time for some outsider art/ naïve art. Even if you think the drawings or style is something your child might do, often times the stories behind the artists of outsider art are very interesting. We will take a look at Albert Reverend Wagner and after that Clementine Hunter, the Grandma Moses of the South.

Albert Reverend Wagner was born in Arkansas in the year 1924. The artist family worked in the cotton fields. At a young age he became burdened with being the man of the house.

After deciding to move to Cleveland Wagner started his own company that moved furniture.

The artist was married to one wife for 2o years, but in that time loved to sex with as many women as possible. This led to 2o kids and families. When his wife found out about his other families, she left him.

Late in life he supposedly had an epiphany and gave up his bachelor ways and began painting. He even became an ordained minister and thus picked up the nickname Reverend Wagner.

Wagner worked as a painter and sculptor using found objects.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A film was made about Albert Reverend Wagner and his “outsider” art in 2008. Here is a clip from the project:

Albert Reverend Wagner passed away in 2006 at the age of 82 years old.


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