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Artist of the moment…..Ansei Uchima


Ansei Uchima is a modern printmaker born in Stockton, California in the year 1921. Uchima grew up in Los Angeles, but as his father had desired moved to Tokyo Japan where he would study architecture. World War 2 cut his studies short however. Uchima was a pioneer of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Uchima studied the Japanese style of printmaking. It was whilst working as a translator for an art collector he became aware of the sosaku hanga movement and immediately set about to start producing his prints entirely by himself.

Uchima was based out of New York City for much of his career.

Uchima enjoyed using a special Japanese paper made by master papermaker I. Iwano.

Ansei Uchima passed away in 2000.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a wonderful style of abstract art, especially his works that seem to float on the surface.




Artist of the moment…….Donald Baechler



Donald Baechler was born in Hartford, Connecticut in the year 1956. Baechler is a painter often working with flowers, children, and items from the summer like an umbrella or beach ball as his subject of choice.

His was raised in the Quaker way of life, another artist James Turrell is perhaps the most well known Quaker artist.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. Bacher is a great printmaker and his larger original works are usually in gouache or acrylics.

A great interview with Donald Baechler as he talks about painting skulls and other subjects:


For his artistic education Baechler attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and Cooper Union College located in New York. Baechler also studied in Germany.

In this clip we view a show featuring Donald Baechler that took place in 2010:

The artist is a painter and sculptor.

In the 1980s the artist developed a Neo- Expressionist Style.

Of all his artwork I enjoy his botanical and floral imagery the most.






Artist of the moment……Paul Huxley


Paul Huxley is a British painter renowned for his abstract art. Paul Huxley was born in London, England in the year 1938. For his artistic education Huxley attended the Harrow School of Art and the Royal Academy of Art in London. Huxley has been showing his work for more than five decades.

Huxley has been the winner of grants and awards that have allowed him to travel the globe whilst studying art.

The artist was also a professor at the Royal College of Art. In addition Huxley has taught at the Glasgow School of Art.

Huxley works as a painter and also uses ceramics in his large mural works.

Huxley has served as a trustee of the Tate Museum.

Paul Huxley was made a member of the Royal Academy of Art.

Price range information: Huxley is a renown printmaker and these can be found starting around $2,000 up to original works which can reach $20,000.