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Artist of the moment……..Fraser Smith


Fraser Smith makes incredible clothing items including bomber jackets, hats,and professional sports jerseys out of wood! All of the pictures in the gallery are all carvings. Each work begins with one piece of basswood. The work is then carved and Smith uses water based pigments to achieve the look of heavily worn objects.

Smith attended college at an Ivy league school, but I couldn’t find out which one.

Fraser Smith was born in 1958.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Fraser Smith. Many more exciting works including long robes to look at here!

The artist is based out of Saint Pete’s Beach, Florida.

A brief interview with the artist in front of his artwork at ArtPrize 2013:

In this clip a longer interview with the artist at the ArtPrize 2013 event:

What a spectacular artist! Watching the wood become a soft material is magic!



Artist of the moment…….Street artist Hyuro


Hyuro is one of few practicing female street artists. From Argentia, Hyuro is a social realist street artist bringing to our attention the worlds treatment of women and minorities.

She began her art career as a canvas painter and gradually made the move to street art.

Her work reminds me Swoon, the American street artist who made her mark using wheat paste ups. Both have excellent drawing skills and use no color if any at all.

In this clip we view a great work that took much time to complete. Each of the individual murals are great, but when seen from a car and moving, the work comes to life with all of the animation. In this clip we view the creation of this work:

The artist now is based out of Valencia, Spain.

price range information: Sorry none available.

What a great street art style, very simplistic and minimal with great draftsmanship.

To close we take a look at the mural above whilst moving in car, its very animated!


Artist of the moment…..Maekawa Senpan


Maekawa Senpan was a wonderful printmaker born in Kyoto, Japan in the year 1880. Senpan’s family ran a small business and the artist loved cartoons. Senpan was able to get many jobs creating comics and even had a strip in the Sunday paper.

Senpan was one of the first Sosaku Hanga artists that tried to do everything involved with the printing process himself. These first editions were not very good quality, were very small, and hardly anyone bought them.

After about a decade of printing by himself Senpan was able to master the technique.

Though many works were in his house that was bombed during World War 2, the artist was able to find great financial success with the American soldiers and businessman that occupied his country after the war. It was a great time for many of the printmakers.

Senpan enjoyed depicting people at leisure, such as going for a swim or to the spa. He also created landscapes showing the quiet farm life of the countryside.

Maekawa Senpan passed away in 1960.

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