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Artist of the moment…….Cameron Booth


Cameron Booth was the teacher that influenced the previous post, Phyllis Wiener, to move to Abstract painting. Cameron Booth was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in the year 1892. The artist was influenced by viewing the famous Armory show of 1913, the first showing of Abstract and Modernist art in the States.

Booth was a professor at the Minneapolis School of Art.

Booth also studied with Hans Hoffman.

Cameron Booth passed away in 1980.

Much of his impressionist style works deal with the landscapes of his surroundings in Minnesota. These works include small countryside farms and small mining towns of the past.

I enjoy the landscapes of this artist even more so than his abstract works. Booth was great at seeing and painting simple shapes that easily recognizable from a distance.

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Artist of the moment……Phyllis Wiener

Phyllis Wiener was a wonderful Abstract painter born in Iowa City, Iowa in the year 1921. Wiener spent much of life in Minnesota and was widely collected. Her works are awesome as far as design for the many different ways of applying paint that she used.

It seems at the underground or first level of the painting we have stains, all edges are fused and soft. The next layer often seems to include bubbles or floating shapes. The final contains silhouettes of organic and geometric shapes that also seem to be moving. From a design aspect, Wiener’s work is just as bit as impressive as a Kandinsky.

The artist’s first show was held in Boulder, Colorado in 1941.

In this clip we view an interview with the artist that took place in 2011:

For her collegiate education Wiener studied with the famed painter Grant Wood, picture the husband and wife typical “American farm family” of the past at the University of Iowa. Wiener also attended the University of Missouri.

A heavy influence on the artist’s push towards Abstract Expressionist painting was the artist Cameron Booth.

Phyllis Wiener passed away in 2013 at the age of 91 years old.

If you are looking to find some additional works you have to check for her other married names. Her maiden last name was Zager, but she was married three times and used the last names Downs and Ames in addition to Wiener.

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What a fantastic style of abstract art!


Artist of the moment……Okpu Eze


Okpu Eze was born in what is now Abia State,Nigeria in the year 1932. Eze attended college in Africa and London, England. Eze was both an accomplished painter and sculptor.

Whilst in London, Eze became involved with the art crowd and as a result was made an associate member of the Royal Society of British Artists. Eze also participated in the art world as an art critic in his native country of Nigeria.

Okpu Eze passed away in 1995.

Price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $30,000.

Eze was head of the Society of Nigerian Artists for many years before his passing.