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Artist of the moment…….Willard Grayson Smythe


Willard Grayson Smythe was an American painter renown for his abstract style of painting. Willard Smythe was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio in the year 1906.

For his artistic education Smythe attended the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating he joined the staff as an instructor and stayed for 31 years. Smythe was a pioneer in abstract art and he taught the first class of abstract art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Smythe called his own style scattered balance by design.

Like Kandinsky Smythe was great at mixing the basic shapes of a circle, triangle, or square with other organic shapes that gives his work movement and vitality.

Smythe worked as a commercial graphics designer and even worked as an art director for the Encyclopedia Britannica company. Before Google this was how research was done! Smythe was responsible for inserting pictures into the book.

Smythe was a member of the American Society of Arts and Letters.

Willard Grayson Smythe passed away in 1995 at the age of 89 years of age.

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Artist of the moment…….Street artist MTO


MTO is a street artist who was born in France, but is now based out of Germany. MTO might be called a photorealist when it comes to painting street art.

The artist works quickly finishing smaller pieces in less than 6 hours with larger pieces taking up to one week.

Celebrities play a key role in his work and some artists he has captured include Louis Armstrong the jazz great, singer Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix.

In this clip we view many portraits of MTO:

MTO usually signs his work in red and sometimes outlines his work with a red line.

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In this clip we view a work that shows the most remarkable thing about this artist, his ability to draw hands very large and with great perspective: