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Artist of the momenet……..Henri Laurens



Henri Laurens was born in the year 1885 in Paris, France. The artist’s father worked with stone and before finding art Henri Laurens also worked with stone. Laurens was a an illustrator, costume and theater set designer, painter, and sculptor who enjoyed working with the figure with a Cubist approach.

Laurens was also a very talented collage artist.

Laurens participated in the world famous Venice Biennial.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 for drawings and works on paper to more than $1.5 million dollars for a large sculpture work.

Laurens was one of few artists to try sculpting in the Cubist style. Cubism is the style where you draw one subject from many different viewpoints.

In this clip a closer look at one of Henri Lauren’s figurative sculpture work:

Whilst young due to illness Laurens had a leg amputated.

Henri passed away in 1954.

During his career worked on some collaborative works with Pablo Picasso.





Artist of the moment…….Mao Yan


Mao Yan is a wonderful artist born in Xiagtan, Hunan Provence, China in the year 1968. Mao Yan enjoys painting the figure in a way that reminds me of Lucien Freud. Freud like Mao Yan was not out for an exactly likeness, rather an emotional snapshot of the person. Also both artists use unusual compositions in working with the figure.

Yan was influenced by Goya. Its easy to see with his great use of contrast and dark colors.

Price range information: Works range from the high figures to over $1.4 million dollars at auction.

Mao Yan works in oils, watercolors, and pastel.

For his artistic education Mao Yan attended the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Yan is also a teacher working at Nanjing University of Art also located in Beijing, China.


Artist of the moment……..Carlos Merida

Carlos Merida was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in the year 1891. Merida is associated with the abstract and cubist movements. Merida was a costume and theater set designer, dance choreographer, teacher, painter, and muralist painter.

Growing the artist took music and art lessons, Merida loved to play the piano. After having some difficulties with hearing loss Merida gave up the piano and took his father’s advice and switched to painting.

Growing up in Guatemala Merida had little exposure to art so and after having his first solo exhibition in 1910 he left for Paris, France and remained there for four years. Merida became associated with the leading artists of the day in Paris including Picasso.

Merida had his first solo show in 1920.

Merida had a daughter that was a dancer. Merida felt dance could express what painting could not and used helped to fund and start a dancing school that his daughter helped to run.

Carlos Merida passed away in 1984 at the age of 94 years old.

Price range information: Merida worked in many mediums including crayon, lithography, watercolor, pastel and gouache with prices ranging from $3,000 to $70,000.

What a talented artist who just enjoyed creating be it  choreography for dancers, theater set and costume design, a small oil painting, or a very large mural. Merida excelled at painting just about anything.