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Artist of the moment…..Robert Sagerman


Robert Sagerman was born in Bayside, New York in the year 1966. For his artistic education Sagerman attended the Pratt Institute located in New York City. Sagerman went on to earn a masters degrees in both art history and science from Pratt. The artist also earned PHd in Judaic Studies from New York University. Sagerman is an artist associated with the color field and abstract art movements.

Sagerman also enrolled at West Point Military Academy.

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Most works have thickly and dense layers of paint. These are applied in many dabs and strokes which help the artist to name a work. Piece 12,056 would mean the work of art used 12,056 strokes. The works have vibrancy of light and color that engages the viewer.

In this clip we visit a show featuring Robert Sagerman from 2012. The clip includes many closeups and the viewer can get a better feel as to have textured and thickness of the paint:

I love the use of color and texture that Sagerman employs. I bet the paint is still wet to the touch! Sagerman also mixes his own paints so that he can get the purity of color he likes.