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Artist of the moment……..Adolph Gottlieb


Adolph  Gottlieb was an abstract painter and printmaker born in New York City in the year 1903.

For his artistic education Gottlieb attended the famed New York ¬†City Art Students League where he studied with painter John Sloan. Gottleib took courses at the Cooper Union College of Art and the Parson’s School of Design. Gottlieb also studied at the Grand Chaumiere located in Paris, France.


Gottleib was part of a group of painters called the Group of Ten who all enjoyed working in an abstract manner. The group was made in 1935.

Elected to the American Institute of Arts and Letters.

Gottleib suffered a stroke in 1970, which caused the loss of the right side of his body. Gottleib learned to paint with his left arm and hand before passing away in 1974.

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In the clip below a great selection of works by Gottlieb including some photographs of the artist:



Artist of the moment…….Mabuchi Toru


Mabuchi Toru was a wonderful Japanese printmaker born in Tokyo, Japan in they 1920. Toru is renowned for his work with floral imagery.

The artist’s father was an engraver and also one of the first artists to be recognized for his work with the airbrush. His father also wanted him to become an artist and Toru attended the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.

Toru was also a professor at Hiroshima University.

What I enjoy most about the artist is his technique of breaking down his wood block prints to many thin and small pieces that are made to resemble a mosaic work of art.

Mabuchi Toru passed away in 1994.

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New Auction record for Chinese Porcelain


A wonderful piece of porcelain, a rare wine cup fired at the Ming dynasty kiln was sold at auction for $36 million dollars at the famed Sotheby’s Auction House located in Hong Kong yesterday.

The last cup was sold in 1999. Only four cups are known to be owned by private collectors.

As you can see in the picture below, its called a chicken cup for the artwork appearing on the side:


In this clip a closer look at the cup in question:


Its been awesome to see the flood of money flowing toward Asian and Chinese art. I enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow when jade items come up for question. Many times the item might be a rhino horn or jade and go for six figures!


Artist of the moment…….Phyllis Plattner



Phyllis Plattner is wonderful artist renowned for her still life paintings. Phyllis Plattner was born in 1940 and grew up in New York City. For her artistic education Plattner attended the New York City High School of Music and Art. Plattner went on to college earning a bachelors degree from Bennington College located in Bennington, Vermont.

Plattner earned a M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate Schoo.

Plattner counts Bonnard, the wonderful painter of female nudes and floral scenes as a major influence.

Plattner works in many mediums including acrylics, oils, printmaking, and watercolor.

A link to the website of the artist:

What I enjoy most about Plattner’s work is the fact she paints looking down at objects rather than the traditional boring still life. Plattner is great at using a mixture of shapes on her canvas and does a wonderful job and finding many different textures in her paintings to keep the interest of the viewer.

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Another artist who paints many works looking down is the Dutch artist Kenne Gregoire, profiled here already.