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Artist of the moment…..Kawanishi Hide


Kawanishi Hide was a wonderful Japanese printmaker. Kawanishi Hide was born in Kobe, Japan in the year 1894. Hide even produced a series on variation locations in the city.

Some recurring themes for Hide include the circus and portraits.

The artist was influenced by the Art Deco movement. Hide was a self taught artist.

Hide began as an oil painter, but switched to printmaking after seeing some wonderful prints in person.

Before turning to art Hide was a postal worker. His family was wealthy and owned shipping companies and as coincidence would have it, a private post office. The company was the Post Net of its day.  This business was bought by the government and Hide became a government employee.

Kawanishi Hide passed away in 1965.

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Artist of the moment….Shirley Goldfarb


Shirley Goldfarb was an American painter renowned for her Abstract Expressionist style. Shirley Goldfarb was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania in the year 1925.

Goldfarb studied privately in New York City. Whilst in New York she would met a husband who was a fellow artist, Greg Masurovsky. The couple would marry and have one child.

The couple would relocated to Paris and become involved with the expatriate artists that lived there.

Goldfarb was famous and sold well in Europe. Goldfarb kept a personal journal of her life and it was made into a very successful theater play.

Surprisingly the first solo show for Shirley Goldfarb int he United States took place after she passed away. Goldfarb was given a solo show at the Museum of Women in the Arts located in Washington D.C.

Goldfarb is part of many prestigious collections including the Museum of Modern Art located in Paris, France and the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City.

Shirley Goldfarb died from cancer in the year 1980.

Price range information: Sorry none available. The artist worked in gouache and oils.

Goldfarb’s use of color is extraordinary in her style of abstract painting.



Artist of the moment……Bruce Cohen


Bruce Cohen is a great artist who combines floral and landscapes and interior windows to make some great works of art that show a tremendous amount of depth and skill. Bruce Cohen was born in Santa Monica, California in the year 1953. Cohen produces originals and has produced prints.

For his artistic education Cohen attended U.C.L.A. and the University of California at Santa Barbara  and earned a degree from the University of California at Berkeley, California.

The artist is based out of Santa Monica.

Cohen is part of many prestigious collections including the Solomon Guggenheim Collection and the San Diego Museum of Art.

If you enjoy this artist be sure and check out the work of Daniel Sprick. I have seen many exhibitions of Sprick and he does a great job at painting flowers, my favorite the lily, mixed with wonderful interior settings. Sprick has also done many seascape paintings.

Here is a link to the website of Bruce Cohen. Its great as you can his progression as a painter and designer over the years:

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Artist of the moment……John Kittelston


John Kittelston is a wonderful western artist renown for his sculpture and leather works. Kippelston also paints and works with ceramics. John Henry Kippelston was born in Arlington, South Dakota in the year 1930. Kittelson is self taught as an artist and works in many mediums.

Kittelson began working in wood, but switched to bronze as it was a way to earn far more money and complete more works.

Kittelson lived for many years in Colorado and was one of the foremost artists working with leather and producing belts and horse saddles. The artist began earning money from his efforts at the young age of thirteen.

The artist sometimes buys a tree and lets it sit untouched for up to three years before beginning to work it.

Kittelson was made an initial member of the Cowboy Artists of America.

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What a versatile artist. I love his style of carving animals, they are very lifelike and animated.