Artist of the moment ……..Stik

Stic is a wonderful street artist based out of London, England. As you can probably guess by his chosen name “stik” is based on a stick figured character. Done with a minimal approach and usually only eyes to tell us something about the character.

Price range information: Most works range from $1,000 to $5,000. At auction houses including Christie’s, prices for Stik have broken the 20,000 pound barrier.

Stik has run graffiti education workshops.


Stik has also tried to hide his identity, much like Banksy. The artist lived in a homeless shelter for one year before having his first public show.

In this clip we view a great interview with Stik. Stik also draws a news anchor from life. Very simple lines, the news anchor thought it was something his nine year old might draw!

In this clip some more works by Stik:

With the emergence of Stik and more and more urban art appearing in auction houses one can’t help but hope that urban art as museum quality art is here to stay. With some great artists like Stik, Banksy, the photographer JR, and Swoon these very talented artists are now receiving world wide acclaim.



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