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Artist of the moment…..L’Atlas


L’Atlas is a great street artist based out of Paris, France born in the year 1978. L’Atlas style is a blend of abstraction and typography, the art of the letter.

L’Atlas began doing graffiti as a youngster and would eventually study many different styles of typography. I have posted about typography many times as the Microsoft version of Helvetica seems to be everywhere, L’Atlas is a throwback to the days when typography and calligraphy were true arts. Many schools are don’t even teach cursive anymore.

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L’Atlas loves calligraphy!

In this clip a great interview with the artist:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another amazing street artist that is very creative with their artwork!



Artist of the moment……..A.R. Penck

A.R. Penck is a German artist associated with the Neo-Expressionist movement. A.R. Penck was born in Dresden, Germany in the year 1939. The artist was considered a rogue dissident who was under surveillance by the East Germany Communist regime/ party that ruled the country during the 1980s. Penck is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor.

Penck during this time was included in art shows that took place in West Germany.

Penck also creates soft sculptures in addition to regular sculptures from found materials including wood, tape, wire, carboard,  and cans. The artist loves to create on anything. In this manner he reminds of the great American artist Keith Haring. I find  the characters of Penck to be very expressionist. The viewer can feel the emotion of his characters immediately.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we visit a show featuring A.R. Penck with out dear friend and fellow art enthusiast James Kalm:

What a great artist!