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Artist of the moment…….James Verbicky


James Vickerby was born in Alberta, Canada in the year 1973. The artist emigrated to the United States in 2002, not winning his greencard for being an extraordinary artist in 2008. Verbicky is associated with the Abstract and Modern Art. The artist works in mixed mediums for much of his work.

The artist has completed many commissioned works and also commercial ventures.

In this clip we visit the artists studio:

In this clip we visit a show:

Verbicky is based out of  California.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

If you enjoy this artist be sure and check out by post on Greg Miller. Miller is a great mixed media/ modern artist who uses collage and many mediums including resin, gold and silver leaf, to make some wonderful compositions that are great artworks in addition to being statements about the current “Pop culture” we all inhabit.


Artist of the moment…….Avinoam Noma Bar


Avinoam Noma Bar is one of my favorite artists of all time as he concentrates his art on “negative space.” You might not see the image immediately, but his work is tremendously appealing because the viewer if engaged and trying to solve the puzzle. Noma Bar was born in Israel in the year 1973. Bar is avid printmaker.

For his artistic education Bar attended the Jerusalem Academy of Art.

The artist is based out of London, England and has produced over 500 commercial illustrations in addition to multiple books about his artwork.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


If you enjoy this artist another great artist who enjoys depicting pictures in pictures is the artist Bev Doolittle. I have posted about her and is a highly sought after printmaker.


In this clip Noma Bar talks about creating artwork dealing with negative space: