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Artist of the moment……Yvonne Jacquette

Yvonne Jacquette is an American painter renown for her aerial landscapes depicting big cities such as New York City. Jacquette is an avid painter and printmaker born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the year 1934.

For her artistic education Jacquette attended the Rhode Island School of Design.

Jacquette was a teacher at Moore College of Art located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This college was the first women’s art school in the United States.

In this clip an interview from 1981:

A great montage of works by Jacquette. Jacquette’s mastery of design shows here, instantly the viewer gets the feeling of looking down:

Price range information: Prints are often found between $2,000 and $18,000. Originals are scarce, no pricing available.

Jacquette was also married to a fellow artist named Rudy Burckhardt. Burckhardt was renown for his photography of New York City. He loved to fly and shoot the landscape from an aerial view. Burckhardt was very successful as a commercial photographer and lived from 1914 to 1999.

Artist of the moment…….Andy Mamgark

Andy Mamgark was an Inuit carver based out of Arviat, Nunavut Territory. Andy Mamgark was born in the year 1930. Mamgark enjoyed portraying the arctic wildlife. Mamgark also enjoyed the mother and child theme as well.

The artist was great at capturing an animals expression in his work.

Mamgark was included in the first major international show for Inuit artists in the early 1970s.

Andy Mamgark passed away in 1997, the result of a horrendous art studio accident. A grinder’s blade became dislodged from its machine and hit in the neck killing him.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a horrible way to die, at least he was in his studio.


Artist of the moment…..Mary Elizabeth Price


Mary Elizabeth Price was an American Impressionist painter renown for her paintings of lush floral still life works often times working with silver and gold leaf.

Mary Elizabeth Price was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia in the year 1877. Her family were Quakers.

For her artistic education Price studied at the Pennsylvania Schoool of Industrial Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts.

For much of professional career Price was based out of New York City.

If you enjoy the work of price be sure and check out my favorite floral artist, Robert Kushner, who also paints on screens occasionally. Kushner also uses gold leaf, silver leaf, palladium leaf, and glitter in his art. Mary Price would use screens and mirrors actually made by her brother Rueben Price.

Price range information: Mary Price worked in oils and watercolors with prices ranging from $10,000 to $75,000.