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Artist of the moment…….Italo Scanga


Italo Scanga was an Italian/ American  painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Italo Scanga was born in Lago, Italy in the year 1932. For his collegiate education Scanga attended Michigan State University located in East Langsing, Michigan where he earned a B.F.A. and M.F.A.

For his sculptures the artist enjoyed depicting everyday objects.

The artist was ready to leave Italy for America in 1939, but the same day he was to leave he got caught up in the Second World War as his country became invaded and he was stuck in Italy until 1947.

Scanga also worked a a professor at the University of California at San Diego. He also taught shortly after finishing college at the University of Wisconsin.

The artist served in the United States Army.

Scanga also produced collaborative works with glass master Dale Chihuly.

Price range information: Prints and paintings range from $1,000 to $10,000. No pricing available on sculpture works.

In this clip view a sculpture of Scanga made out of rusted steel tires:







Artist of the moment….Eric Hopkins


Eric Hopkins is an American artist renowned for his painted aerial views of landscapes and large bodies of water. Eric Hopkins was born in North Haven, Maine in the year 1951. The artist has been working on his subject matter since childhood. The area of Maine he grew up had woods, fields, and shorelines. Hopkins also loved to fly, thus his love for aerial paintings.

For his collegiate education Hopkins attended the Rhode Island School of Design. At the Rhode Island School of Design Hopkins studied under legendary glass blower Dale Chihuly.

Hopkins has had books of art work produced.

Hopkins works in watercolor, gouache, and oils.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another artist already profiled here for his aerial views is the artist Maxwell Mays.


In this clip a great interview with Eric Hopkins:


Artists of the moment….Budd Hopkins


Budd Hopkins was an American abstract artist born in Wheeling, West Virginia in the year 1931. For his collegiate education Hopkins attended Oberlin College located in Oberlin, Ohio.

Hopkins was the winner of fellowships from the National Foundation for the arts and the Guggenheim Foundation.

In 1964,Hopkins was the observer of U.F.O. This experience led Hopkins to lifelong obsession with alien lifeforms. Hopkins also wrote books on the experiences of humans with aliens.

Hopkins was made a member of the National Academy of Design.

His lover, Leslie Kean also shared a fascination with the alien world.

In Hopkins work what I enjoy most is his use of colour and his mix of shapes, most works have a wonderful circular shape.

In this clip a great interview with Hopkins discussing his favorite subjects, art and aliens!:

Budd Hopkins passed away in 2011.

Price range information: Sorry none available.